About Kaite

Kaite McKenna is a spoke word poet, writer, and interviewer based in Sydney, Australia. Kaite has worked across multiple disciplines, including diplomacy and television, culminating a diverse set of interests that are reflected in her work. In 2011, Kaite was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, a disorder that affects the cerebellum. Six years later, Kaite was also diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called syringomyelia. To date, she has undergone two brain surgeries to handle her conditions. From her professional and personal experience, she has become a vocal advocate for disability rights, LGBTQ rights, and women's rights across the globe.

Aside from her written and academic work, Kaite is also a freelance florist designer. Her passion for floristry grew as she used it as an outlet to cope with her chronic illness. To date, Kaite has created floral pieces for weddings and small functions. She takes clients on a highly selective basis, usually focusing on smaller events in need of a floral touch. 

If you are interested in contacting her for floral work, please visit the contact page to request her portfolio.

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